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Submitting Your Short Term Room vacancy to the List

Wolverine Property Management

Wolverine's Short Term Student Housing Submission Form

Wolverine Property Management operates this listing as a courtesy to the tenants of Wolverine Property Management's student buildings, who are in the process of Sub-Leasing their rooms.

This listing service is totally volunteer.  By submitting information via this form, you the Tenant, are agreeing to allow Wolverine Property Management to publicise this information and your address and your Suite/Room number.  If you do not agree to Wolverine Property Management publicising this information, then Do Not use this form or listing service.

There is no guarantee stated or implied that your room will be rented because you use this listing service.

All of these rooms are being rented as a Sub-Lease by YOU the Tenant.  YOU will receive any inquires and will need to answer any questions, do the showings, etc.

Sub-Tenant room Information for Wolverine's Short Term Student Housing List

Enter the Email Address that prospects will contact you with.
This is the name that the prospective Sub-Tenant will address you with
This is the date that the Sub-Tenant could move in on.
This is the date that the Sub-Tenant Must move out by.
This is the monthly amount that the Sub-Tenant would owe you each month.
If you don't mind prospective Sub-Tenants texting or calling you.
Select the building that your student room is located in.
Select your room #

(* indicates a required field.)

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