The Sub-Lease Process

The steps in the Process of Sub-Leasing your Student Room


  1. Read the Student Room Sub-Lease FAQs

  2. Print off the appropriate Sub-Lease Agreement for your student residence

  3. Send Wolverine Property Management the details so that we can list your potential Sub-Lease in our Short Term student housing list

  4. YOU Promote the availability of your room for Sub-Leasing

  5. Connect with an interested student (prospective Sub-Lease student)

  6. If your prospective Sub-Tenant is a different gender than you are, verify that your fellow tenants are ok with this.

  7. Show the prospective Sub-Lease student(s) your space (It's polite to pre-notify your fellow tenants)

  8. Negotiate the start date / end date / rental rate of your Sub-Lease

  9. Fill in the details on your Student Room Sub-Lease Agreement

  10. Have your Sub-Tenant sign the agreement

  11. You sign and date the agreement

  12. Send a copy of the finished Sub-Lease agreement to Wolverine Property Management along with the admin fee

  13. Wait a couple of days for approval of the Sub-Lease from Wolverine Property Management (emailed to you)

  14. At the end of your Sub-Tenant's term, come back and inspect the space.  Do you need to clean? Do you need to throw stuff out?  Remember - YOU are responsible for what happens during the Sub-Tenancy.  You will be charged for any deficiencies that your Sub-Tenant leaves.