Online Manuals for 27 Sanders Ave., Hamilton, ON

This online resource has operating instructions for all the various equipment & appliances a tenant would use within their residence.

Safety instructions,

Information on how to operate the heat,  

How to adjust the temperature in the fridge,


Every tenant NEEDS to view this information at the beginning of their tenancy


Safety Information:

Emergency Procedures information sheet

Smoke Alarm Maintenance by the Office of the Fire Marshall

Tenant Insurance information and FAQs

How to set up Tenant Insurance in the online portal

Fire Extinguisher Video of How to Use instructions

Fire Extinguisher How to Use printed instructions


General Information:

Thermostat Control Instructions - How to control the temperature in your suite.

Sub-Leasing your space.  How to do it, where to start and what is required.

The Cancellation Policy  If you want to end your tenancy early, start by reading this.

Rent Receipts - You print your own, any time you need them.

Do it yourself videos (DIY)  Some helpful information that may fix your problem.

You need something fixed or looked at in the unit - Let us know through a maintenance ticket

Monthly Common Area cleaning program (details coming soon)

Online Tenant Portal & Payment Information:

Once you have signed into the Tenant Portal there is a Dashboard of your information

Finding your Billing Summary in the Tenant Portal

Payment Confirmation Emails

Automatic Payment information & FAQs

Setting up Auto Payment in the Tenant Portal

Rent Receipts - You print your own, any time you need them.

Kitchen Information:

Kitchen Safety Information Sheet

Recycling Information and 'How To' brochure

Fridge Operation Manual

Stove/Oven Operation Manual

Microwave Oven Operating Manual


Laundry Information:

Washer Operation Manual

Dryer Operation Manual  

Remember, clean the link trap each time prior to use for two important reasons.  1 - The dryer will do a better job of drying your laundry.  2 - The dryer will not "stop" heating due to the presense of too much lint in the lint trap.



Parking Information:

Other than occasional visitors parking, parking at this residence (when available) is an option that has a monthly cost.  Contact the office for details.