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26 Thorndale Manuals for Tenants

Wolverine Property Management

Online Manuals

This online resource has operating instructions for all the various

equipment a tenant would use within their residence.

Safety instructions,

Information on how to operate the Heat,  

How to adjust the temperature in the fridge,


Every tenant NEEDS to view this information at the beginning of their tenancy


26 Thorndale Cres., Hamilton ON 


Please click the links below


General Information:

Emergency Procedures

Thermostat Control Instructions

Smoke Alarm Maintenance by the Office of the Fire Marshall

Tenant Insurance information and FAQs

Sub-Leasing your space

The Cancellation Policy

You need something fixed in the unit


Kitchen Information:

Kitchen Information Sheet

Fire Extinguisher Instructions (Please read instruction label)

Fridge Operation Manual

Stove/Oven Operation Manual

Microwave Oven Operating Manual


Laundry Information:

Washer Operation Manual

Dryer Operation Manual (Instructions on the machine)

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