Payment Information

We offer a number of various ways for our tenants to be able to pay for their monthly obligations.

Everyone's situation is different so have multiple methods is an attempt to make things as easy as possible for our tenants

One of the awesome services Wolverine Property Management has to offer is our online tenant portal, which our tenants love!

The portal requires a one-time sign-up and provides a one-stop-shop for checking event notices, messages, your monthly balance and payments.  

There are various payment methods that are available within the online portal and you are able to switch between payment methods any time you desire.

Once you have entered your choice of payment method you may choose whether you desire to go to the portal each month and manually press the 'payment button' or

whether you would prefer the convenience of setting up the 'Auto Pay' option (as outlined in the Payment Methods link above).

Should you choose the convenience of 'Autopay' then on the first of each month the portal makes your payment for you. It doesn't get any easier than that!

  • Wolverine Property Management's Online Portal

Alternative Payments Outside the Portal

Cheques: If we are going to have cheques, then we would prefer to have a year's worth at a time.

The dates for the cheques need to be made out for the 1st of each month. We prefer having the cheques in hand prior to the date they are due.

E-Transfer: If you would like to send an e-transfer please send an email to notifying us of this request. 

We will then send you the e-transfer form with the assigned security question and password.