When you need something fixed in your unit, we want to be able to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible

(If you feel this is an emergency, please click this link NOW)

The way that we are able to handle the maintenance requests by our hundreds of tenants, is by using the structure of our online Maintenance Ticket system.

So ... when you want us to fix, modify or see something to do with your unit ...


Go to the Online Portal and start a Maintenance Ticket.  Do NOT email or phone us about it until you have created a Maintenance Ticket first.  Seriously!


It really is quite straightforward.  You will be asked some specific questions like,

what your address is,

what the problem is,

what room the problem is in,

and so on.

You have the option of attaching pictures if you think it may help.  If you are not sure, attach the picture.

And so on.

Currently, if a repair request comes in by email or phone call, (ie, outside of the scheduling of the Maintenance Ticket System) it could potentially be misplaced or not given the priority that you deserve.  In order for us at Wolverine Property Management to meet or exceed your repair need expectations, we have had to tighten up our processes.  This is allowing us to be able to ensure the level of success that we want to maintain for you.

As of May 1, 2018, Wolverine Property Management will only receive a tenant's repair and maintenance requests via our online Maintenance System. 

Need help?  Let us know and we would be glad to assist you in creating a test Maintenance Ticket.  


How to create a Maintenance Ticket:

Step #1     Log into your Online Tenant Portal 

Step #2     Follow the instructions for filling out a Ticket

Questions HOW?  Click here

Rest assured that our maintenance team will be on it.  Your maintenance request ticket doesn't go away until it is resolved in our system.