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Residential Price Lists

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Wolverine's Residential Housing Price Lists

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Select the link below to view Floor Plans of each of the Student Residences


Kitchener, Ontario

Price List for 197 Brandon Ave., Kitchener, Ontario 

Price List for 55 Francis St., N., Kitchener, Ontario 

Price List for 58 Water St., N., Kitchener, Ontario 

Price List for 284 Beaumont Cres., Kitchener, Ontario 

Price List for 45-9D Cedarhill Cres., Kitchener, Ontario

Price List for 15 Bingeman St., Kitchener, Ontario

Price List for 295 Oprington Place, Kitchener, Ontario


Waterloo, Ontario

Price List for 453 Boettger Ave., Waterloo, Ontario


Hamilton, Ontario



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