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Online Portal Help

A step by step overview of our Residential online application process 

We want to try and make the rental process as simple and uncomplicated as we can for our tenants.

Our online portal system ensures this peace of mind. 

It is an Easy-to-Use, online system called 'My Community'.

Each prospective tenant will receive login information for their own 'My Community' profile. 

The 'My Community' online portal is a very handy and allows YOU to keep track of your payments, insurance, messages/notifications and lease details throughout your renting term with us.


All of the steps below must be completed before YOUR Residential leasing process with be complete.

The Lease Application Process

TENANT Prospect Portal 


Note: Until all 10 steps of the application are done and showing Green (Not Red or Grey) your application will not be submitted. 


GUARANTOR Prospect Portal (if a guarantor is required)

Note: The guarantor will also receive an email with a login link, but only AFTER the prospective tenant has successfully completed and submitted their portion of the lease application.

Note: Until all 7 steps of the Guarantor application are done and showing Green (Not Red or Grey) your tenant's application will not be submitted. 


Note: Until both the prospective tenant and the guarantor (if required) submit their lease applications, we can not approve the lease application.  


The Lease Agreement Process

TENANT Portal 


GUARANTOR Portal (if a guarantor is required)

Once you have completed the lease agreement a notification will be sent to our offices.

Once we receive this notification that both the guarantor and tenant have signed the lease agreement it usually takes 1-2 business days to have the landlord sign the lease, upload it to the portal and send it back to you for your own records. 

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