FAQs - Housing

Prospective/New Tenants - FAQ #31


MainCline Residences;

Q: Can I walk to McMaster from the residence?

A: Yes – All three of our Student Residences are located on the same block which is only 3 blocks

from McMaster University.  (see map below)


Q: Is there a bus stop nearby?

A: Yes, there is a bus stop right out front, across Main Street, going east and one to the

right about 200 feet going west.


Q: Can I walk to Mohawk College from the residence?

A: Technically Yes, but likely you may want to bike or take public transit, due to the distance.


Maps from MainCline Residences:

Walking map to McMaster University from 1100, 1098, 1084 Main St W

Bus map to Mohawk Collage from 1100, 1098, 1084 Main St W

Walking map to Mohawk College from 1100, 1098, 1084 Main St W


Maps from 202 West 2nd St Residence:

Walking map to Mohawk College from 202 West

Walking map to McMaster University from 202 West