FAQs - Student Housing

Prospective/New Tenants - FAQ #13


Q: Are dishes or flatware included in the kitchens?

A: No – you need to bring your own


Q: Are pots & pans included in the kitchens?

A: No – you need to bring your own


Q: What appliances are included?

A: Fridge, stove and microwave


Q: Is there a dishwasher?

A: MainCline Residences - No

    202 West 2nd Street - Yes


Q: What small appliances are included?

A: There aren’t any small appliances included.  It might be a good idea to

bring your own coffee maker, a kettle, a toaster.


If you are new to the residence, a month of so before the start of your lease, you may ask us to forward

your email address to the rest of your suite mates, in order for you to co-ordinate some of the above

items together.


No, we can't just forward to you the contact information for the rest of your suite, due to the privacy laws.