FAQs - Student Housing

Prospective/New Tenants - FAQ #16



Q: Can my friends and I apply together as roommates?
A: Absolutely! We have a variety of suites/houses accommodating three to seven students. Each applicant must apply in the online applicant portal using their own application.

All available rooms are shown once we have been given notice from the prior tenant.  Once we know when the room will be open we immediately update the online prospect portal.  The first prospective tenant to successfully complete all aspects of the application process, approval and to pay the appropriate deposit amount will be awarded the particular room.  It has been our experience in the past couple of years that rooms often rent within a few days of becoming available and mostly a few months prior to the occupancy date.  So, check back often.


Q: Who are my roommates, what are they like, what are they studying?

A: We are not allowed to disclose personal information due to Canada’s Privacy Laws.  Prior to move in day, if you desire for us to disclose your contact information (like your name and email address) to your house/suite mates, then we can disclose this with your permission.

It will be up to each individual whether they wish to connect back to you. You will need to send us an email giving us permission for this.


Q: How many roommates are allowed per room?

A: Only 1 roommate per room. 


Q: How do we get in contact with our fellow suite/housemates?

A: A month or so before the start of your lease, you may ask us to forward your email address and name to the rest of your suite/housemates.  This will help you connect with them and to co-ordinate things.


Q: In the online portal for prospects, in the application part,  I see it says Co-Tenant.  Is this where my friends apply?

A: No, each room, in each residence, has its own unique room number.  (i.e. 201-3, 202w-4, 1098-6 and so on)  

For example, say you (student A) and a friend (Student B) are applying together for 2 rooms at 1100 Main St W., in suite 101.  Room 2 (101-2) and Room 3 (101-3).  Student A starts an application for 101-2 as the tenant.  Student A should NOT add Student B as a Co-tenant in the application, even though the online portal will allow you too.  Student B MUST start their own application process as the tenant and select room 101-3.