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FAQs - Student Housing

Prospective/New Tenants - FAQ #27


Q: Is a vacuum or a broom included?

A: No


Q: Who cleans the suites?

A: The residents of that suite.


Q: Who cleans each bedroom?

A: The resident of that bedroom.


Q: Who cleans the common spaces – halls, stairways, entrance?

A: For 1100 Main St W - The landlord.

    For all of the other buildings - YOU and your house mates.


Q:  Is it a problem if the dirty dishes in my kitchen cover all the available counters and sinks?

A:  Yes this is a problem.  On a couple of levels.  It isn't sanitary to leave dirty dishes all over the food prep space.  It isn't fair to others who are sharing your space.  If you leave a mess long enough then, sometimes this can draw visitors of the pest variety.




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