FAQs - Student Housing

Prospective/New Tenants - FAQ #2

Renting Details

Q: How much will rent be?
A: There are various prices for rooms.  Rental rates are always the amount per month, per tenant, with a maximum of one tenant per bedroom.


Q: When is rent due?

A: Rent is due the first of each month. We know you will have a lot on the go, so for convenience, we will require 12 post-dated

cheques prior to occupancy.


Q: What is included in rent?

A: Rent includes heat, water, hot water, electricity, air conditioning, cable TV and high speed wireless Internet. Other amenities

included in your rent are security surveillance and CCTV, secured entry, a laundry facility, bicycle storage, and central garbage

collection, as well as a number of suite features including bedroom, kitchen and living room furnishings including a new LED TV,

brand name appliances, window coverings and private bedrooms with controlled access. See the full list of amenities.


Q: Is a Rent Deposit required?

A: Yes, when you submit your signed Lease Agreement you are required to also pay a rent deposit.  The rent deposit is the “LAST month’s rent”.  

This deposit is expected with the Lease Agreement and no room booking is considered final, until both the signed Lease Agreement and the

Rent Deposit are accepted by MainCline Residences.


Q: What is the date for the Rent Deposit?

A: The date for the Rent Deposit cheque or payment is the date of the Lease Agreement.

Example:   You sign Lease Agreement for 12 months on July 12th.  The Lease Agreement is for a term of Sept 1st till August 30th of the next year.

Your payments will look like this:

July 12th - Deposit Cheque (also last month's rent)

Sept 1st 

Oct 1st

Nov 1st

Dec 1st

Jan 1st

Feb 1st

Mar 1st

Apr 1st

May 1st

Jun 1st

July 1st


Q: When do I submit my monthly rent cheques?

A: Prior to being given the keys to your room, you will be required to submit monthly rent cheques for the balance of your lease term. 

(Usually 11 more cheques)  These rent cheques are to be dated the first of each month from the 1st rental month until the 2nd last rental

month of your rental term.  The last month’s cheque will be your rent deposit and you will have paid that already.  You may bring the

monthly rent cheques with you on move in day or you may mail them to us ahead of time.  Our mailing address is; MainCline Residences

6683 Ellis Road, Cambridge ON  N3C 2V4.


Q: What date is each rent cheque to have?

A: Each monthly rent cheque is to be dated the 1st of the month.


Q: How many are allowed in each bedroom?

A: ONE tenant per bedroom and it is the tenant who has signed the lease or sublease agreement.