Prospective Tenants - Student Housing

Payment Methods for Student Housing

Payments made within the Online Portal

At Wolverine Property Management we have teamed up with Property Vista (our Online Portal partner), with Blue Pay Canada and with Payment Pad. 

Currently, the following payment methods are available through our Online Portal:

  • VISA
  • Debit Mastercard

Occasionally we have found that as a factor of where you are geographically located, some payment methods may not work.  This is often because of

international payment rules that we and our partners have no control over.  If this happens to you, just try another payment method.  We also have available

the below types of payments.


Traditional Payment methods (payments made outside of the Online Portal)

  • E-Transfers - The details
  • Cheques / Money Orders in Canadian funds
  • Cheques / Money Orders in US or other funds

For these traditional methods - any payments in a currency other than Canadian funds will be converted to Canadian funds upon receipt.  Shortages in the final Canadian amount must be corrected by the one paying.  In these circumstances, we will email you documentation showing the original funds and the converted to Canadian funds value.  We will show the shortage.  We expect the shortage to be corrected quickly.  Wolverine Property Management reserves the right to refuse any NON-Canadian payments.


Not sure how to pay?  Contact us and let's figure it out.