Property Owners of Rental Property - FAQs

The frequently asked questions below contain information that may help

to explain certain aspects of how we fulfil your expectations in regards to

our policies. If you have any questions about any aspect of what we do,

don't hesitate to contact us.


  1. How do prospective Tenants apply for an available unit?

  2. How do we screen prospective Tenants?

  3. What happens if a Residential Tenant does not pay rent?

  4. Is the Property Owner notified of non-payment of rent?

  5. What happens if a Tenant is late paying the rent?

  6. Are Tenants required to give post dated cheques?

  7. What advertising methods are used to attract new tenants?

  8. Is the rental rate raised regularly?

  9. How does a Tenant contact Wolverine Property Management team after hours?

  10. How do we handle maintenance requests?

  11. What access does Wolverine Property Management have to the Property Owner's bank account?

  12. How does our accounts payable work?

  13. How does the Property Owner pay the Manager?

  14. Why does Wolverine Property Management put signs on almost every building that they manage?