A Property Owner's Five Guarantees


Rent Payments    



If we haven't received a part of the rent payment that is due, we will not charge
you our management fee on the missing amount, until it is received by us.
We don't charge Vacancy Fees.
Or put another way, "If You don't get paid, we don't get paid".

Tenant Upgrade


If we have leased your property to a tenant and this tenant is evicted or
removed from the property due to contract conflicts other than payment related,
within the first 12 months of the tenancy, we will waive our leasing fee to
secure a new replacement tenant for this space.

Peace of Mind



If you are not happy with us due to the following reasons:
You didn't experience a peaceful transition from your management to ours
You have given us at least 6 months to prove our benefits to you
It has been less than 12 months of property management
You want to take your property back from us
We will refund to you 1/2 of the Monthly Managemen


If you are not happy with our services, you may cancel our service at any time
with 60 days written notice after the first 12 months of the contract.

Rental Period


If we haven't booked a committed tenant for your space (with agreed to rental
amount) within 31 days of the space being available to rent, then we will
NOT CHARGE you the first month's management fee for that rented space.
Student rentals exempted.

A partnership that brings, "Peace of Mind"


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