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Property Management

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What should Property Management be?

A Partnership that brings ‘Peace of Mind’

When you retain us as your property manager, your property needs will be handled with professionalism and expertise.

This is not just a statement, "This is our promise to you."

You will experience 'Peace of Mind' in the following ways;

  • Be worry FREE
  • Run more profitably
  • We handle all tenant complaints
  • Be able to more quickly scale your growth
  • Your property and its value - protected and enhanced
  • Your vacancies FILLED faster, with better tenants
  • All necessary repairs will be completed to your expectations

Not only do we take away the pain associated with property ownership, we also share the risk of non-payment with you.  For example, when we bill the management fee as a percentage of the monthly receipts, we bill the Property Owner for the rents that are actually collected that month.

It is common in the industry to charge against the total of all rents that are due for a building.

Our commitment to you is, “If you don't get paid, we don't get paid”.  Once we have successfully collected these rents, only then, will we be paid for them.


We are right beside you, partners in the profitable running of your properties.


It has been said, “Good property management doesn't cost - IT PAYS!”

The team at Wolverine Property Management is here to make sure this happens for you and your properties!


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