Testimonials from Student Tenants

It was a pleasure to have lived at 1084 Main Street West. The house is nice with excellent facilities and nice furnished rooms. I always felt comfortable living here and felt like this was my real home. The service provided by MainCline Residences definitely reflects the excellent conditions of the house.
I would like to say that living at 1084 Main St W was my best off campus residence ever! All the rooms are equipped with excellent quality furnished tables, chairs bed and closet. The house itself has all the required amenities including fast internet access. Moreover, MainCline Residence staff takes personal pride in maintaining the house on a quick notice. I'd definitely recommend this house to future students.
My experience at 1098 Main street west has been nothing but amazing. From move in day to months after, I have always had great contact with Robert the landlord. He was always very swift to reply to emails and always notified the tenants in advance when someone was coming to visit the residence. The house itself is in the ideal location being in walking distance from campus. In addition the garbage and recycling bins out back are very convenient instead of worrying about putting the garbage out every Monday morning, you can simply throw your garbage into the bins whenever you need to. Finally the house itself is great. Newly renovated, it is fully furnished and the room sizes are perfect. All in all, I have had an amazing time here and I would definitely come back in future years!
Thank you so so much. I appreciate it more than you can realize. Have a wonderful summer Sincerely grateful.,
I really enjoyed staying here.
I am sending this email on behalf of my roommate H. B. and myself. We just wanted to send you this email to thank you for having us in your building this year. We've really enjoyed it so far, from the amenities, to the price, to the location of the apartment are second to none. We plan to stay as your tenant next year.
Dear Robert Thanks for the great year, it was an excellent place to stay, I will recommend it to anybody looking for a place to stay in Hamilton. Thanks,
"Thank you so much for everything! Your service and attitude towards your customers is amazing, as I've recently had a bad experience with other property management. All the best!"
I like the place. You are very helpful and it is my pleasure to dealing with you during my stay. Thank you,
Hello MainCline Residences, Thank you for having me as a tenant for the school period! I had a great experience living as a tenant in 1084 Main Street West. Upon arrival in the beginning of my lease, I was pleasantly surprised to see the house equipped with modern appliances and furnishings. It's great to have a house fully furnished! I found that living on Main Street West, generally away from other houses and student homes, was very pleasant! The house was always quiet with absolutely no concern of loud or annoying neighbours. I never had to go to the library or even leave the house to study! Throughout my time in contact with MainCline Residences, I have found that the company really looks after their tenants. Emails are responded to very quickly and problems resolved with ease. It was definitely a great experience being able to trust and reach out to your landlord's team for assistance. When I needed to sublet my room, the process was swift, and the company was with supportive. The experience for me overall was a very professional and hands-off rental. This is due to the rental price including all utilities, and that the property is shovelled during snow season. As a tenant there is no need to worry about any monthly bills or having to shovel before a big test! Once again, thank you for having me as a tenant! I wish MainCline Residences the best of luck with future ventures. Do not hesitate to contact me if potential tenants would like a word. Best regards,
I just came home to a functioning heating system. I'd just like to thank you for dealing with the issue as soon as possible
I really, really, really appreciate your help. Thank you!
MainCline is a great place to stay! The building is clean and newly renovated. The management is very helpful and ensure a great experience for all tenants. The building is at a very convenient location, less than a 10 minute walk to school.
Living at 1098 Main Street was an excellent experience. Being able to live close to McMaster in a fullyfurnished house for very reasonable rent was extremely appealing and saved a lot of hassle. The facilities were well maintained and the property managers very helpful and approachable. I highly recommend MainCline Residences to anyone looking for housing while at McMaster: it's a great location and very good value for money.
I appreciate everything you've done to ensure I've had the most comfortable stay here. Thank you so much!
WOW- You guys are just way too organized. Have to say it makes me feel comfortable having my daughter staying at your facilities!! Thanks so much
Hi Robert, It was a pleasure having you as property manager. Thanks for promptly solving issues that cropped up once in a while.
One of our other friends. who is applying to go to McMaster this fall wants to stay here as well. We would really appreciate this. They have been over to our apartment a couple of times and cannot believe how nice our apartment is for a student residence!
All-in-all, I had a positive experience and would definitely recommend giving MainCline Residences a try! You will be pleasantly surprised with not only the homes, but also the responsive service they provide.