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FAQs - Student Housing

Prospective/New Tenants - FAQ #5

Q.  How do you arrange for a tour of a residence/room?

A.  You just need to contact us and ask for a tour of an up coming vacancy.

You could suggest a couple of days and a range of time that would work best for you.

We will then verify a date/time and get back to you as soon as possible.


Q.  Hey your building looks great.  Can I have a look inside?

A.  When we have vacancies we are happy to give tours of the rental spaces.  If there is no vacancy

at the time, we will not distrub our tenants with a tour.  We feel this is fair and respectful to our tenants.


Q.  There is a vacancy and I'm just outside of the building.  Can you give me a tour right now?

A.  No, sorry.  The law in Ontario stipulates that we give the tenants 24 hours of notice, prior to entering their space.  We will do our best to accomodate requests, but we can't shorten the 24 hours.



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